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About Us

Reifen Burkhardt from 1959 to today

  • 1959
    Modest beginnings

    Reifen Burkhardt was founded in 1959. The family business, which at that time was handled by two people over 200 square metres, was located in the centre of the city of Bruchsal, on the site of today's community centre.

  • 1970
    We move in

    A major step in the further development and growth of the company took place in 1970, when the company headquarters were relocated to the Stegwiesen industrial park. The c. 2,100 A1:C15 site at 14 Murgstraße is still the location of the Burkhardt company's Tyres and Vehicle Service today. After the second son entered his parent's business, and in order to meet the needs of the firm's continuing further expansion, the company's structure and legal status was changed in 1986 to the GmbH & Co KG forms of today.

  • 1990
    Large-scale expansion

    In 1990, the company site was further expanded through the acquisition of the neighbouring property (12 Murgstraße), incl. a warehouse, and today it covers approx. 5,000 m². Due to the extensive construction and extension measures, which have been carried out continuously since then, we are today able to advise our customers in modern, attractive premises and ensure that all services we offer are carried out with the utmost expertise and care, in line with the latest state-of-the art technology.

  • 2005
    A new warehouse

    In 2005, the company premises were expanded by the addition of warehouse at the back of the site (Kinzigstraße). Over 17,500 m², we have a stock of approx. 100,000 tyres and are equipped with modern loading terminals for all logistics challenges in the wholesale and retail trades.

  • Today
    Professional logistics

    In 2012, the move to the new logistics hall, with an attached administrative wing, was on the agenda. This meant that our storage capacity was increased to a total volume of approx. 250,000 tyres.