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We meet our high service standards by offering the latest tyre technology and the highest product quality for all areas of application. Our coordinated multi-brand offering ensures that the optimum tyre is available for every requirement and every vehicle.









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Summer tyres
At temperatures above 7°C, summer tyres are the best choice, because the warmer it is, the faster your winter tyres wear out.


Winter tyres
Under 7°C, that means switching to winter tyres as quickly as possible. Thanks to its special rubber compound, a winter tyre is the better choice not only for snow. The rubber compound of the tyres does not harden and can adjust itself better to the worse weather conditions. The grip of your tyres is not lost. They have a much shorter braking distance. They have better steering precision. Especially when the road is wet, a winter tyre gives you more stability on corners. Since 1st May 2006, lawmakers have also been tightening up on checks for whether you have tires that are appropriately tailored to the weather conditions.


All-season tyres
All-season tyres (also: all-weather tyres) can be used both in summer and in winter. They are a compromise between summer tyres and winter tyres and are driven with mainly in countries where there is only a slight difference in temperature between the seasons.

Offroad tyres
In this segment, especially, there are a few special features to pay attention to when it comes to selecting a tyre. But no matter whether it is to be used in deep terrain or for driving on fast highways, we will advise you comprehensively.

Run-flat tyres
At BURKHARDT Tyres- and Vehicle Service you will also find tyres with emergency-running properties that have reinforced side walls or a support ring on the rim, so that you'll be able to at least reach the next garage if you get a sudden flat tyre.


Depending on the manufacturer, they are marked with the abbreviations ROF, RFT, EMT (Extended Mobility Tyre), RSF (Runflat System Component), SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat Tyre), ZP (Zero Pressure), DSST (Dunlop Self Supporting Technology), BSR (Bridgestone Support Ring), or PAX (Michelin Support Ring).