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Aluminium alloy rim treatment

Treating wheel rims

Unique TÜV-certified complete procedure for removing kerbstone abrasions and corrosion damage on aluminium alloy rims!

There's no doubt about it: Scratched or abraded aluminium rims are unattractive. Scratched or abraded aluminium rims are unattractive. It's annoying for the vehicle owner, and on top of all this, it usually also leads to a markdown in price when selling a car. It doesn't have to be that way! With our Wheel Doctor System, we process your aluminium alloy rims professionally and expertly. Even mirror-polished aluminium wheels look like new again!  

Examples of damage

Damage to aluminium rims can be dangerous. There is a risk that the damaged rims can break, emanating from the point of damage. This can be expensive and the risk of an accident is great.

Have your damaged aluminium rims treated. Come and get a free rim check. 


1. Pre-grinding

2. Precision grinding

3. Finish

Wheels for our customers treated by our specialists 

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